Testimonials from Our Valued Clients

Dear Susan,

It’s 12:30 A.M. and we just finished watching our Family Historical Legacy Video. From the bottom of our hearts: Thank you, Thank you!!! It’s the most wonderful film. We can’t believe how much work you put into this and the entire film is AWESOME. Thank you for bringing our family history to life. I’m so happy to give this film to Marty for his 70th birthday…There couldn’t have been a better gift. You had us laughing and crying and smiling. We are overwhelmed by the scope of the narrative. I know this is the best thing we have ever done. Thank you again!!!! XXXXX00000
Marlene and Marty S.

Susan, I can’t thank you enough! The discs arrived yesterday evening and I’ve been captivated, watching both discs in their entirety in just three sittings. I had to tear myself away at 11:30 p.m. last night to get to bed and again this afternoon to go and visit Alan for a couple of hours. What a wonderful gift to each of us who has been given a copy of the Legacy! It was so well done. I’ve learned so much. I was brought to tears and I look forward to re-watching the discs many times.
With much affection.
Bonnie H

“Susan Brody is the founder of this wonderful enterprise, Family Legacy Videos. We are just completing our family history video under her knowledgeable guidance….As a skilled interviewer, with top notch film and editing personnel Susan Brody is Best in Her Class. Thank you Susan!!”
Marlene and Marty S.

“Filming our family history yesterday was the most incredible experience – and you made it that way. It’s a day we will never forget as long as we live.”
Marlene and Marty S.

Dear Susan, thank you for the DVDs. We got them today. Even though we knew many of the stories on the Wasserman side, we learned many new things. It is a beautiful memory for generations to come. What you did is unbelievable. It is excellent.
Be well.
Fani & Shamai

“I haven’t met you, but Doron sent me the video of Erna’s life which you have initiated and created and l felt that l had to write to you and let you know how much l admire you for creating such a wonderful, interesting and moving documentary. l watched it carefully paying attention to every detail and picture. Well done and so meaningful!”

“Hi Susan,

I must tell you, and Margot asked me to tell you that she thoroughly enjoying watching the video. When we watched it together, when it was over, everyone in the room clapped; we all were clapping. It is thrilling. You did a great job on the music and the interviewing process, the introduction is perfect, the editing, fades, and everything about it sails.

Mom did a fantastic job. I can’t believe how well she looked at that point a year ago. She has declined a lot over this past year so it’s very important to me, heart and soul, to see her telling the stories of her life.

Thank you again. I’m in awe of the service you’re doing in the world, and for the professionalism of the video.”

“Dear Susan,

I just finished watching the video and I was so moved by it. Thank you for capturing Margot’s legacy for posterity. It is wonderful.

I went into our bedroom in tears to tell Monica and, would you believe, she was talking to Margot on the phone!”
Thank you for everything!


I just finished watching Margot’s video. What an amazing job. Now that Margot’s story is chronicled it will live for posterity. The interview is beautifully done and Margot’s story really comes alive with all the photos you were able to get together. A true labor of love. Margot looks lovely, her voice strong and we can witness firsthand the admirable way in which she has always been able to express of herself.

Thank you for producing such a lasting gift to our immediate and extended family and for our future generations.”

“Dear Susan,
Thank you for making this video of our family, to be cherished forever – both on YouTube and on DVD.
It’s an Heirloom!”

Warm regards,
Janice M.

“I’m so glad Family Legacies filmed my parents’ life stories… just in time… the video is a treasure.”
Peggy G.

“It is a pleasure to refer friends to you, because you are the best of the best!”
Linda N.


“I received all of your kind and caring messages of condolences. I want to thank you for your words of comfort at a time I needed them most. Mel thought so highly of you, and although he never made it through the entire draft video, he did see several hours. We watched it two weeks before he died. He was very pleased with the outcome and commented on what an excellent job you had done. He said he liked the way it was edited, and realized how important making the video was. I am so glad we did the video. You knew my father very well having spent the time interviewing and the hours editing. You heard his life story and many of the things he said to you, I was hearing for the first time. He was a very special man, and you have captured that on film. Susan, thank you for being such a wonderful friend and for taking such special care and effort in making Irene and Mel’s Legacy video so spectacular.”
Peggy G.

“Thank you so much for all your hard work and patience with me. The video will be treasured forever! I have friends I will be passing your name onto. They would love to have you produce videos for their loved ones.”
Lesli G.

“I just wanted to let you know how much it means to me to have my life story video to pass down for generations. I watch it over and over and I can’t believe you made me look and sound so good. You are truly an artist.”
Suzie B.

“Susan – Thought you may want to see the first written review from the ‘critics’. I have received similar verbal input from a close family friend. It looks like you have created a hit! I spoke last week to a friend who is interesting in preserving his family legacy as well and he said he was planning on calling you to schedule an appointment. Thanks again for all of your effort on our behalf!”

“Dear Doaker,
I watched your wonderful video last night and it is a triumph! What a marvelous gift you have given your children and grandchildren – and mine and Bronson’s. It brought tears to my eyes at several points, and I could feel Mother and Dad smiling down on their baby boy. They would be so very proud – and so touched that you wanted to do this. I am, too. Your videographer is quite talented, and I was very impressed by the smooth transitions, the lovely backgrounds, and the quality of the sound. By now you must feel that she is an old friend! Doaker, you have always been deeply sensitive, thoroughly committed to the values our parents worked to instill, and just plain old sweet. I am so blessed that you are my brother, and I give thanks for you every single day. Thank you for this lovely gift, which I am counting as a birthday present.”

Cut from Life Story Video shown at a “Celebration of Life” service:

“I have had so many people tell me that the video was amazing, that they loved the music, it really let them know what my mom was like, and I think it was unique because of the footage of my mom talking. I feel so fortunate that we got her recorded when we did! You did a super job and I was so pleased to present that to everyone. Thank you!”
Linda N.

“Dear Susan,

When I engaged your services to produce a documentary of my life story, I had no idea that this was going to be the greatest gift I could have asked for and one of the most enjoyable projects I could have engaged in.

The first video, my Family Legacy – a film highlighting the first 85 years of my life – was so impressively produced, I shared it with all my family and friends.

Every time my grandchildren come to visit, I don’t have to worry about entertaining them – they just want to watch the video!  You made the process so easy and enjoyable.The experience you led me through, of reliving my life story, was truly a highlight of my life. And I love the name you selected for the video, based on my life motto: “Harold is Lucky!”

Then for my 91st birthday you produced a video that brings tears to my eyes every time I watch it. You produced a video of such immense power, with a cast of my wonderful children and my beautiful wife Rosie, who has since passed, sharing their love and admiration for me. This video was first shown at my 91st birthday party but I enjoy it over and over. I will never forget these gifts you and your professional team have given to me and am forever grateful. My children and grandchildren are thrilled to have my life story memorialized and also consider it a tremendous gift.”
With gratitude,
Harold G.

“I couldn’t resist quickly checking out parts of my Mom’s video before I left for the airport. It was so captivating I left late and almost missed my plane! The video is truly remarkable! Thank you.”
Joel S.

“These videos were created with the amazing and talented services of our friend Susan Brody of Family Legacies Videos. She truly is gifted with the video production but most importantly she shines with the pre-interviews. Why I am sharing this with you now? Because I hope you would consider allowing Susan and her company to produce a video for you and your family, one that can be shared for generations to come. There are so many wonderful options for using this type of video and yes, I know, we all know a family member with an iPhone or video camera. I encourage you to do it right the first time and have this lasting legacy as it should be: PERFECT.
Thank you Susan Brody!”
Jim C.

“I’ve watched all six videos you produced for our website and live presentations and I’m so pleased! Each one hits on different important topics. I am so excited!”
Jamie S.
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Voices of Colorado Survivors Video:

“Dave and I got to go to the Governor’s Holocaust Remembrance Program at the Boetcher Concert Hall last night, and your video was so touching. It was extremely powerful and incredible to hear from all of those survivors. Thank you for producing this important video.”
Lori K.

“I thought your Holocaust video portrayal was AMAZING. You are so talented and they are so lucky to have had you produce that video.”
Linda N.

“What a glorious event that was – powerful. What a truly magnificent job you did on every aspect of that video. The color and the souls were coming though right along with the impeccable sound of the voices. I was particular taken, as was Ruth, by your editing. What a difficult process to interview all those people and spice and slice. Kudos to you – big time. The video was extremely well received by the audience.”
Jim S.

“I have been meaning to write you to tell you how fantastic the video is that you made for the ADL Governor’s Conference. I think it is absolutely brilliant and gripping, and the pacing is outstanding.”
Audrey F.

“The video last night for the Governor’s Holocaust Program was absolutely amazing – truly fabulous!!!  Mazel tov on such a great piece that will be used for many years to come.”
Cindy S.

Video Tribute:

Dear Susan,

We sincerely thank you and your Family Legacies Videos team for the fantastic job you did in creating the tribute video to Rabbi and Tammy Dollin. They were both completely surprised by this portion of the evening, and to them it was a highlight of the celebration. Following the dinner, we heard from many in attendance that they were so impressed by how you captured the essence of the Dollin’s and their relationship to the HEA community. Many said they learned so much about the Rabbi and Tammy.
The video was all we could possibly have hoped for – thank you!
With warmest wishes,
Laurie and Louis M and Neal P.

Dear Susan,
Thank you so much for preparing a wonderful video for the dinner. It made me cry! Tammy and I are so grateful for your talent and your friendship.
Rabbi and Tammy