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Connecting generations past, present and future in ways
you and your family have never imagined…

Give the gift of a “lifetime”!

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Wall Street Journal insights on preserving family histories on video

Family Legacies Videos:

Preserving Life Stories and Family Histories on Feature Film Quality Video,
Nationally and Internationally Since 2000.


  • Describe how you or loved ones conquered adversity.

  • Preserve love, honor, dignity, personality, and sense of humor on 4K video, 6K video or in virtual reality.

  • Discover the motivations and dreams that made your family successful.


“When an elder dies, it’s as if an entire library has burned down.”

Preserve your Family Legacy or that of your loved ones for future generations…
before the memories are gone forever.

The greatest gifts we can give our children are roots and values. By the time grandchildren are old enough to care about their heritage, it’s often too late to ask.

Family Legacies Videos makes this intimate relationship with grandparents, great-grandparents and other ancestors possible.

Our worldwide, award winning team captures and preserves these priceless and irreplaceable libraries on film. Using the latest, cutting edge technologies, these family treasures of lore, history, and wisdom will be engaging, captivating, motivating, comforting and inspiring for present and future generations.

Family Legacies Videos are filmed in 4K video, 6K video or virtual reality, and can be delivered in a variety of formats digitally downloaded to your computer, on hard drives, Blue Ray Discs, DVDs, 4K Ultra HD Discs, or the web, television, and for either professional or personal use.

Life Story and Family History Videos

Adult children: There is no better way to honor your loved ones than giving them the gift of immortality with a professional video documentary of their lives that will be cherished for generations.

Parents, grandparents and great-grandparents: The single gift your children and grandchildren will treasure most of all is your family history professionally preserved to share now and pass forward in the future  – helping them to understand and appreciate whose shoulders they are standing on, deepening the connection with family, and to embrace the future with confidence.

Using state-of-the-art technology, Family Legacies’ award winning team will record history in your home or another location…
And create your Family Legacy.

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Ethical Wills With Life Stories or Family Histories

Recording an ethical will is an ideal way to make sure your values and ideals live on for the next generation. Is there a moral code you live by, that you hope your children will embrace?

Are there life lessons or secrets to success that you’d like to pass on – perhaps even for generations? Is there a family member with special needs that you want to make sure is taken care of?

Express the passion and importance of your wishes, hopes and values in your own voice.

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Success Stories

Document the story of your business or career success in a professionally filmed, edited and fascinating to watch video.

Many success stories clients have achieved tremendous success in business, the highest leadership levels in politics, and global recognition in medicine, science, the arts, law, invention and philanthropy.

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Success Stories of Survival

Our Success Stories of Survival clients include Holocaust survivors, war veterans, refugees and those who have survived illness and loss. Their descendants will learn from them forever.

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Virtual Reality Is Here

As Family Legacies embraces the future and the most cutting edge technology, we’re now filming in virtual reality.

This is hard to imagine but it’s true… Your descendants will be able to have an interactive experience with you and other family members that feels 100% real.

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Filming Extended Family

In addition to creating a feature film about an individual or family, we also film entire extended families.

We travel to different cities and countries, to get a whole picture of the family history. Depending on your interests and budget, we arrange viewings for the entire family at a catered private theater event.

As part of the services offered by Family Legacies, we plan complete family vacations to the destination of your choice, where we bring along our entire film crew, our award winning editors, and interviewers. We film your family’s life stories and activities throughout the vacation and host a private theater screening of the draft – like the private screening of a feature film – in which we guarantee an unforgettable story that will engage your audience throughout.

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Our Clients

I’m so glad Family Legacies filmed my parents’ life stories… just in time… the video is a treasure.

Peggy G.

I just wanted to let you know how much it means to me to have my life story video to pass down for generations. I watch it over and over and I can’t believe you made me look and sound so good. You are truly an artist.

Susie B.

Every aspect of working with you was a pleasure. You did a great job on the video. My grandchildren want to watch it every time they come visit! Thank you for highlighting the first 85 years of my life so beautifully!

Harold G.

Filming our family history yesterday was the most incredible experience. You made it that way. It's a day we will never forget as long as we live.

Marlene and Marty S.

Susan Brody is the founder of this wonderful enterprise, Family Legacy Videos. We are just completing our family history video under her knowledgeable guidance....As a skilled interviewer, with top notch film and editing personnel Susan Brody is Best in Her Class. Thank you Susan!!

Marlene and Marty S.

Dear Susan,
The entire process of preparing for our family legacy film has been amazing in more ways than I ever imagined, from the pre-interviews you conducted with us in Aspen to the film day with our entire family in La Jolla. We will treasure not only the video but the entire experience of preparing and filming forever!

Glenda G.

We Honor Your Ethics, Values and Privacy