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These principles guide our work:

  • AN EXPERIENCE OF A LIFETIME: Filming your life story or family history takes you on a trip down memory lane you will never forget. You will love the experience while filming with our award-winning interviewers and camera crew.
  • COMPASSION: Our expert interviewers bring your story to life with great compassion, love, and respect for every individual and family. We earn your trust.
  • VALUES: We make sure your ethics and values are expressed clearly in a way that future generations watching your video will appreciate and want to emulate.
  • PRIDE: We produce a feature film quality production that you will feel proud to pass down to your descendants.
  • PRIVACY: We respect your privacy and all information will remain confidential. All of Family Legacies’ staff and contractors are committed to non-disclosure agreements, and we will never put anything on the Internet or our website without your permission. If you choose to have us create a family web page for your family history video, it will be password protected.