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The Family Legacies Experience

Family Legacies’ interview and filming process is like nothing you’ve ever experienced – it’s an adventure you’ll remember for the rest of your lives.

Before the film date, you’ll have an opportunity to get to know our professional interviewer who will ask you questions, get the ideas rolling, and make sure you’re fully prepared and comfortable for your film date.

Makeup Crew

On the days of your filming adventure, our professional film crew sets up a film studio in your home or apartment, while you relax and get pampered by our talented makeup and hair artist who will make sure all interview subjects, women and men look their best.

Scanning photos and documents

In the meantime, our professional scanning technician will be scanning the photographs and documents you want to include in the video, onsite, so they never have to leave your home.


Our interviewer will lead you through your family history, and the stories of your life, and help you weave in the values and important life lessons you want to pass down to future generations.

Production Crew

When interviewing family members together, we’ll discuss important subjects and feelings. Parents will learn from their own children what life lessons they’ve taken away from their parents’ lives.  Children will learn what their parents admire and respect most about them. Our clients tell us that after reliving their lives, the obstacles they’ve overcome, and the achievements they’ve treasured, they feel like there’s nothing in life they can’t handle.

Family Legacies Filming

We take you on a trip down memory lane and help you to relive all the important moments of your life in an enjoyable and relaxed style.


After the film date, our award-winning editors create a magnificent and engaging family history film, that will have your audience laughing and crying.

Drone flying over city

Using drones, Family Legacies films aerial videos of your real estate holdings to incorporate into your family history – a wonderful way to showcase some of the major accomplishments of your lifetime.

Drone flying over house
Marty and Marlene

Susan Brody is the founder of this wonderful enterprise, Family Legacy Videos. We are just completing our family history video under her knowledgeable guidance….As a skilled interviewer, with top-notch film and editing personnel, Susan Brody is Best in Her Class. Thank you, Susan!!

Marlene and Marty S.

Pearls of Wisdom From Our Treasure Chest of Family History Videos

Life is full of bumps in the road, but in between the bumps you've got to giggle.

I hope everyone watching this video and every human being realizes that the secret to being happy in life is self-confidence and feeling good about yourself.

Nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.

I want the future generations in my family to know that I don’t owe my success to being smarter than anyone else or more talented than anyone else. I just worked harder than anyone else.