Susan Brody

Founder, President, and Executive Producer
Family Legacies, Inc.

Susan Brody

Passionate About Preserving Legacies

Susan is passionate about preserving family legacies, life stories, and values on film. Her life’s work and personal legacy are apparent in each of the heirloom-quality family legacy films she creates for her clients. She has been a pioneer and thought leader in producing video biography documentaries and ethical wills since the year 2000.

Susan’s Background

Susan’s interest in peoples’ stories began as a child, growing up in Montreal in a multi-lingual, multi-cultural community with immigrants from all over the world, including Holocaust survivors, and war veterans. Susan was captivated by the stories of struggle and success and developed the conviction that these stories and legacies needed to be preserved for future generations.

She was the founder of one of Colorado’s premier destination management companies, Convention Designs, LLC.  After growing and selling that company, Susan returned to graduate school to study film production and founded Family Legacies Inc. in 2000 to capture personal, family, and business stories, values, and ethical wills on video and film.

Purpose and Mission

People benefit immensely from understanding their family roots and values, giving them a self-confidence and sense of self that can’t be achieved in any other way.  Through her years of working with families, Susan has shown that younger generations connect best with film and video — Family Legacies films provide the most powerful way to connect generations past, present, and future.

She spends time with each client in advance of the film date, preparing them for the self-reflection process of selecting the stories, values, and life lessons they most want to pass down to their children, grandchildren, and future generations.

During the filming, she directs her talented film crew and guides family members through the stories and lessons of their lives.

With an award-winning editing team, Family Legacies then turns the interviews into a professional documentary film that her clients are proud to have their extended family and friends watch in a family film screening.

Over 250 Heirloom-quality Family Legacy Films

Since 2000, Family Legacies has produced over 250 feature film quality legacy films, nationally and internationally, using the latest cutting-edge technologies.  The company is a leader in producing video biography documentaries and ethical wills.

In addition to working with families and individuals, Susan collaborates with wealth advisors, family offices, estate planners, and philanthropic advisors. When advisors recommend a Family Legacies film to their clients, they set an important process in motion and become part of the process themselves.  This strongly connects them with the rising generation and highlights their value to the family’s success.

Susan’s Personal Family Legacy and Community Service

Susan and her husband David raised three boys, Jordan, Jason, and Zach. Tragedy struck them in 2018 with the death of their eldest son Jordan, from leukemia, at the age of 26. Jordan was a caring person, a civil rights activist who fed the unhoused and stood up for the voiceless. They continue Jordan’s legacy by supporting homeless non-profits, and through Susan’s work as Board Chair of the Mountain States Region of the Anti-Defamation League (a civil rights organization). Their second son Jason is a compassionate and talented surgeon in NYC who works tirelessly to make the world a better place by helping his patients and saving lives.  Susan and David raised their nephew Zach after he lost both his parents at age 11.  He has been a gift to the whole Brody family.  This year Zach graduates from college and will pursue his passion for international affairs.

Susan is involved in numerous boards and community service activities, including leadership positions in the business community, civil rights, international affairs, homelessness, and education. She speaks seven languages.