Susan Brody

Founder and President of Family Legacies Inc.

Susan’s passion for peoples’ stories began when she was five years old. Growing up in Montreal, her community was filled with immigrants from all over the world. She was captivated by their amazing stories of struggle and success. After founding, growing and selling a destination management company in one of North America’s most prestigious markets, Susan spent time raising a family.

In the year 2000, Susan reconnected with her childhood passion and began capturing incredible person, family and business stories on video. Her business is based on an African saying: “When an elder dies, it’s as if an entire library has burned down.”

Family Legacies has grown to include award winning film crews and editors in many cities around the world and is producing feature film quality family history productions, nationally and internationally, using the latest cutting edge technologies. “We are currently filming in 4K, 6K and virtual reality.” says Susan.

Susan works with families, family offices, wealth managers, estate planners and philanthropic advisors to help them to connect with the rising generation and to educate them about the blood, sweat and tears which created the wealth and enabled the family matriarchs and patriarchs to continue teaching and inspiring well beyond their lifetimes.

Susan is involved in numerous boards and community service activities, particularly in the areas of civil rights, international affairs, dialogue groups and education. Including:

Anti-Defamation League (Board Member for since 1997)

The Purposeful Planning Institute

The Association of Personal Historians

World Denver

The University Club

The Japan America Society of Colorado

Women in Film and Media

Colorado Jewish Professional Women

Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

Chrons & Colitis Foundation of America

Susan speaks seven languages. She lives in Greenwood Village, Colorado with her husband David, who together have raised two sons and are now raising their 15 year old nephew.