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Family Offices, Wealth Advisors and Estate Planners

Our Family Legacies Films Help You Create Deeper Connections with Your Clients and Connect with the Rising Generations.
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preserve their family legacy on film
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We invite you to be our collaborative partner
Help your clients preserve and pass down their human capital


  • Become part of the film: We will film you, the trusted family advisor in the part of the story where we talk about financial matters, powerfully connecting your valuable services to present and future generations.
  • Attend a private screening:  Connect with the extended family at private screening of their family legacy film that you helped set into motion.
  • Prevent misunderstandings, family arguments and trust fund babies: In the ethical will section of our videos, or in our stand-alone ethical wills, we guide families to give background and context to their written wills, and outline expectations that accompany an inheritance, a family foundation or family relationships.