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Ethical Wills “Legacies of Values” on Film

By April 12, 2023May 30th, 2023No Comments

Mims was 102 years old when we produced her ethical will on film, while she was still actively running the social justice foundation she started with her late husband decades ago. With her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren now scattered across the globe and serving on the board of the foundation, she was conducting meetings over Zoom directing the good works around the world. In her ethical will, Mims discusses giving her family freedom to make choices based on their interests, as long as they remained committed to the foundation’s mission of promoting social justice.

Depending on your family’s focus, we may call this film a “Legacy of Values”, “Ethical Will”, “Family Vision Statement” or “Words of Wisdom for Future Generations” and it allows you to preserve your moral codes and values in your own voice. It can also serve to express words of wisdom to keep the family close or set expectations that accompany an inheritance or for the future of a family foundation.  As an example, some of our films feature the family matriarch and/or patriarch discussing funds set aside exclusively for family reunions after their passing.

Although the film is not legally binding, it gives important background and context to the reading of a will, prevents misunderstandings that often occur after a death, and helps to ensure that inheritances will lead to productive and happy heirs. As a result, these short, 20 – 30-minute films are often played in the offices of estate attorneys and accompany the reading of a written will.