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Our lives are made up of the stories that will serve to educate, motivate, comfort, inspire, mentor, and entertain present and future generations.

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Thus, those lives and stories need to be properly documented, shared, and presented via a medium where they will be most understood and appreciated. A professional interviewer from an experienced company that can produce a quality video or film can bring those stories to life, resulting in many benefits for generations to come.

In their family’s experience in preserving their history, Jerry and Glenda wanted to make sure that despite the wealth they were passing down to their children and grandchildren, those family members would be motivated to continue the philanthropy and tradition of giving back to the community. By sharing their stories of hard work in building the business and their community involvement and philanthropy, the strong messages of their values came through very clearly in the video documentary of their lives. And in the video’s “Ethical Will” section, Jerry and Glenda clearly articulated that inheritance comes with an expectation of self-sufficiency, philanthropy, and caring for those less fortunate.