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We tell our stories to transform ourselves and relive our experiences to transcend them.

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Many people find the process of reliving their life very cathartic. After recounting their many achievements and obstacles overcome during a lifetime, many people realize how strong they have been. Through this process, they feel like they can handle anything. Irving’s family arranged for his family legacy to be produced on film. But shortly before the first day of filming, he received a terminal cancer diagnosis and wanted to cancel. His family urged him to keep the film date and he reluctantly agreed. Recounting the many wonderful memories of his life was much like counting his blessings, and on the last day of filming, he said, “I realize I’ve had a very long, full, and wonderful life. I feel that it’s okay to go now.” Irving’s children said that having their father’s life history on film made their loss a little easier to bear because they had a part of him in perpetuity.