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Your Golden Years Can Be the Most Significant and Meaningful Phase of Your Life

By April 26, 2023May 30th, 2023No Comments

Golden Years

My elementary school class in Montreal periodically met with a group of Holocaust Survivors who called themselves “The Golden Agers”. We met with these wise elders, one-on-one, and listened to their stories of resilience, survival, and life lessons. The Golden Agers were my early mentors and the inspiration for my life’s work of preserving life stories on film. I value this mentorship because, without it, I might not have discovered my passion for the work I do today.

Before the industrial revolution, elders were revered for their wisdom and were actively engaged in guiding younger generations. Today, most people don’t seek out elders for this kind of wisdom. Instead, they go to therapists or vocational counselors, undervaluing the vast life experiences and wisdom of those who’ve lived a full life. While professionals provide valuable services, mentorship by elders offers a distinct and meaningful role in our society.

In the autumn of our lives, we’ve advanced beyond the responsibilities of child-rearing and career-building, and now have the time for introspection to synthesize the experiences of our lives into a valuable legacy. The wisdom we’ve accumulated through decades of difficult learning can be used to educate and mentor present and future generations of our family, and indeed the world. This is the meaningful work that we are now prepared for – during the latter stages of our lives.

Elders transmit what can’t be learned from books – a living spark that may one day blossom into wisdom – like the one I received as a child from The Golden Agers.

There’s an African saying, “When an elder dies, an entire library has burned down”. That’s because if your legacy isn’t preserved, your lifetime of experiences and wisdom will vanish in just three generations – just 60-80 years. How tragic and preventable!

At Family Legacies, we guide you on a journey of self-reflection that culminates in a unique, meaningful documentary film of your life stories, wisdom, and values. We help you to identify the pivotal moments and important life lessons that will serve to mentor present and future generations of your family even beyond your lifetime.

Sharing and preserving your life story in an heirloom-quality film will provide your family the gift of your life experiences and insights and become a legacy of tremendous value.